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Support the Artists' Fellowship by Becoming a Member
The Artists' Fellowship continually seeks to publicize its mission to professional fine artists across the United States. Members of the Artists' Fellowship throughout the country often assist the organization by informally "spreading the word" that it exists, either through other arts organizations and their newsletters, or by urging an artist friend in crisis to apply for assistance.

As per our constitution, the President of the Fellowship and half of the Board of Trustees must be professional fine artists.

The Fellowship is proud that its membership includes many artists who are affiliated with other prominent arts organizations. These relationships have assisted the Fellowship to publicize it's mission.

Yearly, between 65 and 75 professional fine artists in urgent situations receive aid from the Fellowship. Most of the emergencies involved health-related issues, accidents, financial crisis or bereavement. Some of our recipients receive aid one time only while other infirmed artists might receive continuing support as determined by their particular situation.

Primary Benefits of Becoming an Artists' Fellowship Member
The primary benefit of becoming a member of the Artists' Fellowship is belonging to an organization that assists professional fine artists in times of emergency. Members have the right to vote in the annual election of the Board of Trustees, and to attend the Annual Membership Meeting.

Members also receive an invitation to attend the Fellowship's Annual Medal Presentation Dinner in New York City.

The Artists' Fellowship newsletter is published and distributed annually to Fellowship members. It features our medal recipients and reports on the activities and awards submitted by members of the Artists' Fellowship. Members may submit such items as their exhibits, awards, and commissions to the Artists' Fellowship Newsletter. View and/or download copy of current and past newsletters.

A membership application can be printed from the link to the left or above. If you prefer, you may also obtain this application directly from Artists' Fellowship, Inc. by writing to us at: 47 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10003.

There are Four Categories of Membership:

Active: Artists who are United States citizens are eligible for active membership. Annual due: $40.00

Sustaining: Persons interested in any of the fine arts or engaged in activities connected with or allied to any of the fine arts are eligible for sustaining membership. Annual dues: $60.00

Organization: Corporations or groups interested in the arts are eligible for organization membership. Annual dues: $275.00

Honorary: The Trustees may elect persons who have distinguished themselves by their interest in any of the fine arts or by their contribution to the welfare of artists as honorary members. Historically, recipients of the Gari Melchers Memorial Medal and The Benjamin West Clinedinst Medal have been granted honorary membership dues.

* rates as of January 2014